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Role: Original Music, Music Editing & Implementation

Developer: HoloMoon Games


'Guitar Zeros is a narrative deck builder where your goal is to help a DIY Punk band survive their road trip on the way to the Battle of The Bands!


Draw cards against story situations on the road with a unique system that mashes up deck building, narrative & blackjack! Hit me baby one more time!'


Going right back to my roots when I used to tour in bands around my native Scotland - Guitar Zero is utterly bombastic and cartoonishly over the top

Jackknifing between different Rock/Metal styles from Glam, Punk, Shoegaze, Metal and Christen Rock - yet keeping everything within the realms of the sound of 'Guitar Zeros'.


I took responsibility of the entire pipeline, from Composing, Performing, Editing and Implementing through Wwise into Unity.

An especially ruckus project full of unabashed fun and wild character.


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