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I am a Scottish Composer from Glasgow, based in Brighton, UK.


I have been a professional Composer for over a decade. I compose, edit and implement Music on award winning projects.


I specialise in evocative, contemporary, experimental and highly emotional scores for Games and Film.

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I have Composed, Mixed and Mastered Music for Triple A and Indie projects. I have a proven track record of delivering the entire music pipeline, from composition, to release and beyond. I have also written for adverts, short films and podcasts. 

I have written in a plethora of different styles from Metal and String Quartet, to aggressive Synth tracks and stripped back intimate pieces. 

When I compose I strive to capture something extraordinary about a project and communicate it in a deeply emotional and engaging way to the player/audience. I thrive on finding new ways to approach a project to make it unique on every level. 

Editing & Implementing

I have a extensive experience developing and delivering expansive and elegant music systems in Middleware and in engine from Triple A to Indie games.

I am fully versed in the game development pipeline. From the design stage and full production. I am able to work independently and deliver a highly musical, creative and optimized music system. I integrate well into a larger Audio team and have wealth of knowledge and experience on keeping production running smoothly with other disciplines. 

Music editing and implementation is an Art and a Craft, and the next step in the compositional process. A games Music Score is made or broken by its Implementation. Musical problems require musical solutions, and this is achieved by a highly creative, musical and professional approach. This creates experiences for the player that can be transformation and elevate a project to extraordinary heights.

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