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Title: Eye String Quartet

Role: Original Music

Publisher: Eye Film Museum



I scored, recorded, mixed and mastered this live string quartet for the EYE Film Institute in the Netherlands for films of Dutch filmmaker Jean Desmet, which are some of the earliest films made.  This is a UNESCO world heritage collection of stunning films, and photos:

‘The Desmet Collection consists of more than 900 films, about and 2,000 posters, photographs, programs, leaflets, and brochures, as well as the archive of the business run by theatre owner and film distributor Jean Desmet.


Its main focus is on the period 1907-1916, when Desmet worked as a travelling cinema operator and later as a cinema owner and distributor. But the archive also contains material from the years after 1916, (when Desmet was mainly active in the real estate industry), as well as documents about his private life.

On May 25, 2011, UNESCO officially announced that the Desmet Collection had been selected as a cultural heritage for the Memory of the World Register. It was the first time that a film collection had earned this distinction. The Register is a World Heritage list for ‘documentary heritage’, and includes books, archives, audiovisual recordings, and reports of exceptional historical significance.’


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