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Role: Original Music

Publisher: BBC Scotland

Director: Sean Lìonadh


'Time for Love' is a poem and short film directed by Sean Lìonadh exploring themes of homophobia, openness and societal norms, and premiered on the BBC.  A deep and powerful work that was an intense passion project for The Painted Ones and labour of love from the beginning. 


BBC Scotland:

'...extraordinary new film exploring whether pressures of convention turn us against one another.'

Pink News:

'...amazing short explains what homophobia feels like in 2018.'

Short List:

'...a stunning short film called ‘Time For Love’ - which went massively viral on Twitter in April - from Scottish poet and filmmaker Sean Lionadh, for BBC Scotland’s The Social, has captured exactly why gay men still don’t feel comfortable holding hands or kissing in public – even in Britain in 2018.'


'A film like this needs to be seen. The emotions are strong, tight, and will strike a chord in anyone whose love has ever been up for the judgment of others.'

Gay Times:

'...cleverly shines a spotlight on society’s incorrect idea of what ‘normal’ is supposed to be, while going through some very common reactions to a same-sex couple being together in the park.'



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